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Why You Should Choose The Right Material When Singing

Choosing the right material is considered one of the best singing techniques. Many people are not able to impress their audience not because they dont have a good voice, but because they choose the wrong songs to sing. It does not matter how beautiful your voice is, it will never suit all the different types of songs that exist in the world. You might be a great rock star but you might not be that good at singing classical. There are literally thousands of different types of singing styles and you can never get a grasp on all of them.

This is why the judges in most TV shows where they are hunting new talent advise the candidates to pick the right songs. There are several reasons for you to pick the right songs. First, you have to know through frequent singing what your most favorite style of singing is. Do you like to sing sad, upbeat, national songs or some other type of songs? The type of singing you enjoy the most should be the one you choose for your career. It is because you will sound best when singing these songs whereas on other types of songs you might not sound that good.

Another important thing you have to look at when you are picking the material to sing is to make sure that the song is within your vocal range. You dont want to pick songs that are not within your vocal range. It is not bad to sing songs that lie at the fringe of your vocal range, but it is bad if you sing songs that are out of your vocal range. The end of your vocal range is when your throat hurts and you have to put a lot of visible effort in singing a song.

Naturally, you will not be able to sing another song well after singing a song out of your vocal range. Not to mention, you will sound very bad in many parts of the song. When you are in front of the world you have to know there are people who can judge even the slightest hiccups in your songs. Third most important thing in choosing the right material is attachment. It is best that you pick songs that you can feel an attachment with. These are the songs that you can sing from the depths of your heart.

People listen to songs to soothe the turbulences in their emotions or to invoke them at times. To give people what you want you have to sing with your heart and soul. You can only do that when you are singing songs that you can relate to. Sometimes you pick songs only because they sound great, but you wont be able to put any emotions in those songs. You can sing such a song well and get applauded for it, but because the emotions are missing from your voice the people will forget your performance before even a day has passed.

A Beginner's Guide To Understanding Music Theory

The term music theory refers to the language of singing that determines the mechanism of what is going on. Music theory is not necessarily an essential component of musical performance, but it brings a huge sum of meaning to the sounds you play. You can find a lot of information on music theory if you go to this site. Music becomes easier and makes a lot of sense once you understand the underlying theory. You can communicate with other musicians with a lot of ease once you understand music theory.

Various Approaches for Learning Music theory

There are several ways of learning music theory. You can find a lot of useful information on music theory on the worldwide web. You should begin from major scale harmony and progress from there. Another approach is to enroll for a formal music theory class offered by music tutors who use Skype. You can also install a music theory application on your Smartphone. All these approaches can assist you to learn music theory with a lot of ease.

How Much Music Theory is enough

The amount of music theory is a question that most upcoming artists ask at the back of their mind. The amount of music theory you require depends on the music style you are playing and your personal needs. When it comes to blues, some little basic knowledge can develop great innovative skills within the artist. It can give you new ingredients that you can add to your musical recipe. However, some styles of singing may require you to carry out an in-depth study of music theory.

Additional Benefits of learning music theory

Music theory plays a critical role in saving your time. It can take you several trial and error hours trying to improvise before you stumble on a crisp sound. For example, you may be looking for a sound of 7b5 arpeggio played off a third of a dom seven chord. A well-learned theory literature artist can read such a sentence and interpret it straight away. You will not struggle to understand the various scale options if you know music theory.

Tools of Trade in music theory

Music theory gives songwriters and composers very powerful trading instruments. Familiarizing yourself with chords and notes will present you with a broad range of musical avenues. Music theory provides a wide array for songwriting to audition instead of using the trial and error technique to identify the correct note or chord. As a composer, if a given chord sequence does not work to your satisfaction; you can use music theory to substitute in the various alternatives with confidence.

Music Theory and Memory

You can remember music with a lot of ease once you understand its theory. You will quickly recall a memory or chord progression if you can recognize it from a familiar framework unlike when it occurs as an anonymous series of notes and chords.


It is important to learn some music theory irrespective of the styles of music you are playing. It may appear to be confusing in the initial stages, but it makes a lot of sense in the long run. You need to start simple and with regular practice, you will develop to perfection. You can gain a lot of knowledge from music theory.

How To Play The Bottleneck Slide Guitar Effectively

The slide guitar is among the coolest styles that you can find on the market. It refers to the use of a particular object to generate a sliding motion against the strings of your guitar instead of the typical fretting action. The bottle neck is the most common type of slide guitar you can play. Here are some of the tips that can guide you in learning to play the bottleneck slide guitar. Check this out if you wish to learn about other musical instruments.

Practice in a relaxed position

The slide guitar is among the guitar models that have been around for a while. You have to be comfortable as you play the slide guitar by finding the right posture. You should note that you cannot produce results if you are working under tension. It is important to play the guitar when you are fully relaxed to get better results.

Pick the right slide

You also have to pick the right slide that is neither too short nor loose. Slides are available in almost all guitar stores. However, you can prepare your slide by cutting off the neck of the bottle. The neck should be close to the size of your small finger or pinkie. You can use a glass cutter to cut off the neck and then grind the edge smooth. You can try it on the sides before you begin to slide.

Use the correct action

You can learn the guitar with more ease if you use a set up that has a slightly higher action because it boosts the sound. In addition, it comes with lower chances of having the slides bang against the frets. Use strings you can play with comfort

You need to find strings that you are comfortable with because it is a matter of personal choice. However, I recommend thicker strings because they sound better if you are learning on a slide guitar. You can rarely generate an excellent sound if you decide to use super-light strings. You only need a little touch on each string, and it is not necessary to press down too hard on the guitar strings.

Begin with the first strings

At the initial stages of your practice, you need to confine yourself to the first string of your slide guitar. Position yourself at the fifth fret and play forth and back. Your primary aim should be to produce a clean sound.

The term vibrato simply means lowering or raising the pitch of your note in small portions. This is a critical technique for bottleneck slide guitar because it gives your guitar an excellent personal touch. You can also manipulate your vibrato if you wish to create a specific mood. There are some things you need to keep in mind as you play vibrato. First, you need to position the slide at the fifth fret and slide forth and back as you aim for a clean sound. You need to make sure that your wrist is relaxed for you to generate a smooth and shimmering sound.


Constant practice is critical because it will make you play like a pro. Its also advisable to be listening to a lot of slide guitar music. You need to practice until you reach a point where the bottleneck guitar becomes natural to you as you sing. Start with the basics until you will be able to go far.

Learn About Don Moen: A Very Popular Gospel Musician

Don Moen is among the renowned artists in the production of contemporary Christian music. He is married and lives in Nashville with her wife Laura and their five children. Don Moen is the current director of Don Moen productions. In his initial years, he went to Oral Roberts University before working for Terry Law Ministries for ten years. You can find so much about other artists if you click this link.

He has been in the ministry for over 30 years and led so many people to Christ. He has written over 100 songs since the time he joined the Christian ministry. Don Moen frequently says that God placed him on earth to be an architect and designer of events and products that assist individuals to experience the presence of God in a fresh and new way.

Don Moen has served as a worship leader in several national days of prayer and a spokesman within the music industry. He has been featured in media sites such as USA today, NPR, and Fox News just to name a few. His travels for seminars and concerts have seen him visit Honduras, Guatemala, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, Brazil, South Korea, the Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Ghana, and Kenya among others. Don Moen is a gospel singer who is not only popular at home bur also overseas.

Don Moen is a very famous gospel singer, songwriter, worship leader, and Christian producer. In his early years, he served as the president and creative director for integrity music for 20 years. He resigned from integrity media in 2008 to begin his production initiative. The artist has over eleven series of Christian albums for the Hosanna producers. He released his first album in 1992, and he has sold over five million units globally.

Don Moen leads a ministry that is known as worship in action. He founded this movement as a result of the significant needs he came across as he ministered all over the world. Don Moen discovered that God did not only want him to sing but lead people in worship when he met lovely Girl known as Gifty in Accra Ghana. He will tell you that God wants him to be the feet and hands of Christ to several people who are suffering on earth. The main aim of his ministry is to give hope to the hopeless. He is one of the artists who give a lot of attention to ministry in his singing. He currently runs the Don Moen Company and has received a Dove award for his musical production God with us. He has also received several Dove nominations for his CDs, songs, and choral resources. He is among the most prolific writers who have worked with several gospel artists. Some of the artists he works with are Paul Baloche, Sarah Groves, Twila Paris, and Chris Tomlin just to name a few. He travels widely domestically and abroad to perform on various gospel events. He has a discography that reflects the passion he has when it comes to leading people into an intimate and honest relationship with God.

The Astonishing Hobbit And Lord Of The Rings Costumes.

Are you interested in fashion? The knowledge on the high quality fabrics used in the making of hobbit costumes by fashionistas will shock you. The tremendous hobbit elf costumes were stirred and promoted by J.R.R. Most of these costumes are readily available and can be worn during the Halloween period. Some of the authentic hobbit costumes include:

DIY Hobbit feet: These are shoes that are made and resemble the feet of some hobbit characters.

The Bofur hat: These amazing hats can be worn when you are going for mountain climbing. It will help u fight the cold weather.The adult Aragorn Costume: This astonishing garment can be used in Halloween or any other great event and it comes with a belt, boot tops and tunic.

The adult Deluxe Witch King costume: they include masks, shoe covers and gloves and are easily assessable The adult Ringwraith costume: they come with a hooded robe that is attached to a belt and with a mesh face.

The Aragon costume: They represent the costumes worn by the dwarfs. They are smaller in size and can be worn by children. This costume comes with the elven leaf brooch and the Aragom sword The Grandalf hat: This amazing hat is a replica of that used in the hobbit and it helps protect the beard. The grand beard and wig: when it is combine with the proper set of costume it can transform you and make you look like your favorite wizard in the hobbit helps you to transform into a witch.

How a Hobbit Costume is made.

The hobbit and lord of the rings costumes can also be made at home rather than buying them. They only require doing some adjustment on old clothes.

Pants: it involves using baggy pants.

Shirts: a cream or white long sleeve shirt is require.

Cloak: it is made from old black, grey or brown blankets.

Feet: The hobbit feet are hard to make and purchasing them is the only option

Lord of the Rings Costumes.

The Lord of the Rings novel was also inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien. The characters in it wear astonishing costumes. The costumes range from masks, wigs. Aragon, Frodo, Grandalf, Legolas and Gollum. These authentic lord of the rings costumes are available and cheap and they can be used in Halloween and in times of great parties.

In conclusion the hobbit and lord of the rings costumes are almost similar in design. These authentic elf costumes are available for the public to access and they are cheap in price. They are also used in times of Halloweens.

Choosing The Best Piano For Beginners Tutorial

In order to gain a full understanding of music, you start piano lessons if you are new to Piano. Infact, that is what many new and potential students believe when they look for perfect piano courses and lessons to attend. The truth is, you do not have to pay out a lot for your piano lessons. You can gain just as much as you would from any paid course for free all by using the internet!

How to choose the best Piano Lessons

This is a online piano training tutorial which you may wish to look at. When you start looking for piano lessons, ensure you find the best resource that offers material that fits your learning style. Search for a course that offers a significant amount of visual and audio material. These are important to really grasp how each note is played. You must hear the note as well as see how it is played. This will help with finger positions and understanding how the professionals do it. Consider whether you need a piano for beginners tutorial, or one that's a little more advanced that might be more appropriate if you have had piano lessons previously.

You can also get piano lessons from online programs or software. These are less expensive as compared to guided lessons. However, make sure that you conduct some baseline survey and interview or read reviews from previous customers of the program you intend to buy. Find out if the software has a long list of happy customers, and learn about who the featured instructor is. They should have something of note on their resume. Some companies are good at designing box art to entice people into making a purchase. However, the program or software may contain watered down lessons.

Consider the Play List

Before settling down on a certain program or software offering piano lesson, check out the offered playlist. There could be some songs you know in it, especially if you are looking specifically for piano lessons. General lessons are also available and should cover most of the popular piano genres. Remember that there should be a wide range of songs for an all-encompassing program. If yours is beginner specific, then the songs listed will be simple.

It is not uncommon for there to be songs you do not know. However, make sure a few familiar tunes appear on the playlist. To make piano lessons interesting, it helps to play songs you enjoy. These might come later, but should be included in the playlist.

You do not have pay out a lot to start taking piano lessons. Many online resources offer free or low-cost alternatives to classroom learning. This option is usually the best and more so considering its extreme flexibility. You can even go back over information easily and at your own pace.

Consider taking piano for beginners tutorial online. You might even find a quality program for free that will take you on to more advanced lessons. Eventually, you will become a skilled player if you are willing to put in the time and effort involved. So stop putting off your goals of becoming a skilled musician, begin taking online piano for beginners tutorials right away!

How Can You Become A Great Songwriter And Singer

It is definitely more flattering for a singer to be known as a singer-songwriter than just a singer. Being able to write your own songs is not a gift that every singer is blessed with. Writing lyrics is not as difficult as it might sound. You dont have to use difficult words and your lines dont have to have the same rhymes too. The whole point of writing lyrics is to convey the idea well. The melody is created to add the feelings in the lyrics. Sing a sad song in a happy tone and it will sound like a parody.

The most important thing about writing songs is to have some thoughts. Think about things that really annoy you, make you angry or feel happy. These are the things that will give rise to emotions and feelings in you. Emotions and feelings are what you need in order to write a song. When you have picked a topic, the next important thing is to know what you want to say about that topic. For example, if you are talking about poverty, will you end your song with a positive note or will it be a complaint that the world is not doing anything for poverty?

After this, you will have to start writing the lyrics. If you have just one line stuck in your head, it is a good thing. On most occasions, singers come up with one line that gets stuck in their minds and this leads them to writing an entire song revolving around that line. When writing lyrics just keep yourself as natural as possible. Do not try to come up with difficult words or words that rhyme. You can think about those things later because focusing too much on rhymes and words will distract you from writing down your idea.

You can always trim the lines and change the words after you have the whole song written down. After writing the lyrics you have to think of a melody. People often have instruments on which they like to compose the melody of the song. You can either create the melody in your head or get your instrument in your hands and start playing a chord progression. Playing a particular chord progression that goes along the mood of your lyrics will automatically give you a tune. Another reason to play the instrument is to know if it really sounds good on your written song.

Next up is the moment of singing. You have to see if you can easily sing the melody you have created and that you are sounding good. If you have never tried singing before and it is your first time, go for some singing lessons for beginners. No one can ever do justice to your lyrics more than yourself. It often happens that your melody starts to sound really insipid and bland when you keep on working on it for a long time. The best solution to this is to take a break for one week and then get back to have your melody sounding fresh to you again.