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Top Watersports And Activities In Fowey

With miles upon miles of pristine blue waters lining its shores, Fowey happens to be one of Cornwalls best holiday locations where everyone can have a truly great time in the water. Many of the tourist hotels, apartments and cottages in Fowey, are within spitting distance of the beautifully picturesque estuary which flows past the town. Here are some of the top water adventures you and your family can enjoy during your stay in Fowey.

Go Sailing Like the Pirates Did - Fowey is well known for its pirate legends and folkloric tales of smugglers and treasure hunters. While you may not necessarily believe in such tales, you can at least try on sailing in one of two oldest trading ketches in Fowey, the Bessie Ellen built in 1904 and Irene built in 1907. While these vessels are far from the pirate ships that you have in mind, reliving the exploits of Captain Jack Sparrow and his fabled Pirates of the Caribbean, you can still pretend to be either at the helm of these great sailing ships or just lazily lie down on a cot by the deck. If the ketch is a little bit big for you, you can take on the smaller dinghy sail boats and try to imagine yourself traversing the mighty Fowey river.

Take a Cruise Down the Fowey River - For a more laid back water adventure, why not rent a kayak or even a canoe so you can paddle yourself along the entire length of the Fowey River. Its picturesque shoreline with a majestic backdrop of lush greeneries and clear blue skies can be one of the most relaxing things you can do in Fowey. Just lazily paddling through the river, immersing yourself in the scenic beauty of Foweys natural wonders, and basking in the warmth of the Cornish sun can truly be something that is worth looking forward to. Of course, if you do not like paddling your own craft, you can always take one of those guided river tours.

Learn the Basics of Powerboating - There are plenty of native Fowey mariners who would be thrilled to teach you some of the basics of powerboating, kayaking, sailing, and even canoeing. Boat and sailing tuition are relatively cheap compared to other parts of the UK. This does not necessarily mean that their service is mediocre. Not at all. With a rich marine heritage to uphold and a solid reputation to protect, you can expect to learn from the masters of the seas themselves when you enlist in any one of their tutorials.

Have a Picnic on a Boat - Sure you can have a picnic by the beach, but have you tried having picnic on the boat while it is bobbing up and down in the open seas? Nothing can compare to the experience of dining out right in the middle of the sea. It simply is one of the best ways to enjoy a great family picnic that is truly out of the ordinary.

Whether it is staying at the beach, getting that natural tan you are after, or venturing out into the open seas to experience first-hand the life of a mariner, Fowey has definitely plenty of ideas for everyone to enjoy great moments on the water.


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