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Top 10 Cuisines Of Europe That You Really Have To Try

Europe is famous for its regional cuisines, many of which have conquered the fascination and palates of the globe. From Spain in the south to Russia in the north and all the other countries in between, youd be treated to delicious flavours and mouth-watering aromas that can only come from the kitchens of these European epicurean masters. Here are the top 9 cuisines of Europe that you really have to try at least once in your lifetime.

Belgian Known for its chocolates that are more decadent than those produced by the French, Belgium is the perfect destination for holidaymakers who couldnt care less about gaining weight as the country is known for its fresh mussels, beef stews, and equally gastronomic waffles.

French If youre after restaurants that have Michelin Stars, France is the way to go. Every region has its collection of Michelin Starred eateries where the French staple of wine, cheese, and bread are transformed into works of art. Of course, theres always fois gras, pate, truffles, scallops, and snails.

British - Yes, British food can be good to experience while on vacation in the United Kingdom. See this article for information. Beyond the British staples of Fish and Chips, Roast Beef and Yourwhire Pudding and Cornish Pasties, there is a wealth on internationally inspired cuisines to sample all over the UK.

Greek For the health-conscious vegetarian, no other country can be more appealing than Greece especially with its spices, herbs, beans, and other vegetables that have become the pride of the Mediterranean. Theres also feta, lamb, ratatouille, and moussaka to mark your journey into Greek cuisine.

Hungarian It may not be as spicy as your Indian cuisine but the heat from Hungarian dishes is inarguably the spiciest among native European cuisines. Goulash is a must, although grills and stews are a mainstay in winter tables. Savoury pancakes, fruits, and vegetables occupy the table in the summer.

Italian Home of pizzas, cheeses, Lombardy risotto, Italian ice cream, pasta, and gnocchi, Italian cuisine has always been at the forefront of enticing global cuisine. In fact, regardless of how many variations of pizza there are in the world, nothing can beat classic Italian pizza.

Lithuanian Only a few know of the true hidden gem nature of Lithuanian cuisine best characterised by its vibrant colours and subtle flavours. Theres wild boar steaks, Cepelinai, and cold borscht soup as well as other Lithuanian regional cuisines that are exceptionally delicious.

Romanian The cuisine of this historic nation is based on rural traditions which are often characterised as rugged yet energy-filled. The dishes are mostly made of cabbage and corn with the addition of a few other vegetable produce and then added with fish and other meats to give it a character that is both enticing and varied.

Russian Because of its sheer size, defining Russian cuisine is next to impossible as each region you go, you will be treated to a fantastic array of dishes that epitomises the resilience of Russians. Ponchikis, pelmenis, porridges, and vodka are an absolute must.

Spanish Best known for tapas, chorizos, paellas, and Spanish omelettes, Spanish cuisine is best enjoyed in an open air setting surrounding a lively town square. Calameritos fritos, jamon Serrano, and gazpacho are to die for. Every country in Europe has its own unique culinary heritage. And theres no better way to appreciate all of these than to pay these countries a visit.


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