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Tips For Setting Up Your First Aquarium

Having an aquarium in your house can really change the atmosphere in it. Now please understand that you cant just buy an aquarium and fill it up with fish and water and think that it is enough.

Before you finally make that decision to get an aquarium, do this step first: fill up a bucket or two of tap water and let it stand for a while. Now get a good nights sleep and by the time you wake up, you should have water that is fit to put into your aquarium.

Assuming you are new to this hobby, lets list out a few essential things that youll need. Now, were going to keep this simple in order to make sure your first aquarium is a success, which will encourage you to build more aquariums with more complex than this very basic build youre going to make today.

The first thing youll need to start this project is an aquarium of course! For starters, try going for a 10-gallon aquarium. This is the right size for beginners as it is small enough for easy maintenance and big enough to hold a few fishes without getting cramped.

Now, remember that bucket of water you left overnight? That chlorine level in that water shouldve evaporated by now so thats good enough to put into your fish tank now. However, just to make sure, add some dechlorinator in it to remove all traces of chlorine.

Next thing youll need is a water pump. This will circulate air and water in your tank, which should add more oxygen content for your fish to breathe in. Controlling the water quality is really perhaps the most important part of your set up process. So in addition to a pump, a digital pH meter is recommended to monitor the pH level of your water.

Now what about the gravel and plants that you normally see in aquariums? Those are for aesthetic purposes only and usually your aquarium can live without it but that would give your fish tank a very bare look. So lets add that into your tank. First thing you need to do is add a layer of carbon at the very base of your aquarium. This will soak up the smell in your tank. The next layer is some coral sand. This is the type of sand that you can get from crushed shells and corals.

Last but not the least, a light layer of gravel. Try to provide a slight downward slope from the back of your aquarium to the front so that it will make it look like theres a lot of space in the back.

Plants can be a handful for beginners, so only add some if youre very good with aquatic plants. However, if youre just going for looks, add some plastic plants just to give your tank some color and for underwater designs like dead branches and others, keep them at a minimum for now. Having too much in your fish tank can make the process of maintaining it a nightmare so keep it simple enough for now.

Once youve added all those elements, lay down a layer of plastic on top of your soil and add water slowly. Once thats done, just add your fishes and voila, you now have a functional aquarium in your house!


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