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Places To Play Poker: Online Vs. Brick-and-mortar Rooms

When you want to play poker, what is the first place you think about: an online or a real poker room? Both options are good to learn how to play poker online - for beginners, but they differ greatly, giving you different skills. Firstly, you need to know what will your specialization be. Will you become a successful online player? Or do you want to switch to live poker and play with real people inside a building? This decision will determine the best way of how you play poker.

Main Differences You Can Miss When You Play Poker

Your behavior. While playing poker online, you dont have to care about what you do or say. You are sitting in front of your monitor, trying to choose the best strategy to win the game. You can use your mimics to react to the cards you have got, as well as to other people that are playing with you.

When you play live, you shouldnt show anything with your face or words. There is no case you can use to do something that may make your opponents understand what cards you have, as it wont benefit you. You can bluff sometimes, but this is a dangerous thing to do, so take some time to learn it.

Learning your opponents. When you play poker online, you dont have the possibility to learn your opponents well to know their cards. You dont see these people and dont notice any signs, body language, mimics, etc. Nothing can help you learn more about your opponents and win. When playing in a brick-and-mortar room, you do see all these people live, and you can follow their glances and minor moves which may expose their cards to you. Its possible to recognize anyones bluff or see whether a person is nervous about his or her bad cards.

Things to look for. While playing online, there are two points to take care about. The first is the betting patterns of the people you play with. Look at their position and the style they bet, and you will be able to learn more about the hand they have. Also, see whether their pattern changes according to their position. If the answer is yes, its an experienced player, so you have to treat him or her accordingly. The second point is timing, you need to notice how much time it takes for a person to place a bet. You also need to figure out whether the person is thinking about how to benefit from his or her poor cards, bluffing to make you think he or she has a bad hand, stalling, or if its just an Internet connection issue. When you play poker live, you also should follow the patterns of your opponents, but in an entirely different way, as you are playing live. You also need to guard yourself, as you know that people are watching you just as you are watching them. This is the most nervewrecking part for a beginner or an online player who is in a brick-and-mortar poker room for the first time.

So What Is Better? Both are good if you stick to your chosen type of playing, so if you want to switch from online to live and vice versa, you need to ask yourself the how do I play poker? question again. When an online player starts playing live, its always obvious. His or her guard is down, so it may be easy to understand what hand he or she has, the player doesnt learn his or her opponents, etc. Live players get too concerned about their opponents online and forget to create their own image. But in general, its possible to learn how to play both variants, as they both can give you profit.


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